We’re ALWAYS looking for HAPPY wives that are willing to offer assistance and support to our programs! Together we can create the next generation of successful wives- confident caretakers of our community.  Find out how you can get involved below! Got questions? Email us.



Have you learned some great lessons through marriage that you’d like to share? Could you offer great tips to single women in preparation of marriage? Become a contributing blogger for our Wives Society blog to share how-to guides, step-by-step resources and first-hand experiences with our readers. Blogs should be 600-800 word count and offer engaging and educational content. For consideration, click HERE.



Are you passionate about creating a change for the better in our society? Would you like to take a more active role in preparing the next generation of HAPPY wives? We have virtual as well as in-person opportunities to donate your time. Application period opens January 2nd-January 9th for the 2017 mentoring year.




Support our movement in STYLE with a super cute and very stylish Wives   Society T-Shirt!

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